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Hi, I’m Blake the owner and director of Funtastic4kids. Being a dad myself I realise the importance of being able to laugh and have fun with your in 2015, I made the life changing decision to build my own playcentre. After a heart-wrenching disaster in 2018 we are back, better than ever to rebuild that dream.

Funtastic4kids was created so that children and their parents can make lasting memories by having fun, running around, and laughing together, rain, hail or shine. I hope that you are able to find joy at Funtastic, where together, we can shape the future, one little smile at a time.

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Hi! I’m Kiara, and I’m the general manager at Funtastic4kids. I take care of social media, events, first aid and the cafe!!

Having seen kids from all around the world in vulnerable communities and otherwise, I am passionate about children and creating a safe space where kids can grow, feel loved and learn. That is also our passion here at Funtastic4kids, in a world where kids are raised by technology and television, Funtastic is a place where kids can learn though play, experience, and interaction. And most of all to have fun!

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